Midwifery Care Schedule


At your interview, the midwives will describe the planned home birth option in detail and discuss your questions and concerns. Your consents, insurance and financial responsibility will be discussed. If you have had prior care with another practice, transferring records relevant to the current pregnancy and any surgical reports from prior cesarean sections will be reviewed. If the decision to go forward with us is made, forms will be provided and discussed in detail.

Initial Visit

Your medical and family histories will be reviewed. Any laboratory tests which are needed and have not been ordered by a previous provider will be discussed and drawn. This may include genetic screenings you request. You will receive a clinical check up appropriate for gestational age. If ultrasounds are desired or indicated, they will be discussed and you will be sent to an appropriate facility.

Subsequent Prenatal Visits

Your visits with the midwives will occur approximately every 4 weeks until the 8th month, or 32 weeks gestation. Following visits will occur approximately at 34 and 36 weeks and then once weekly until your baby is born. Around 36 or 37 weeks, you will have a home visit.

Preparing for your Planned Home Birth

You will be asked to purchase a “Birth Kit” from us and to gather supplies from a list you will find on the Documents & Forms page of our website. If you do not have internet access, we will gladly provide you with a supply list. We ask that you have your Birth Kit and supplies ready before your home visit, or at 36 weeks. At your home visit, a midwife will provide your usual check up and review where supplies are kept, any plans you have for using a water pool and general considerations such as where to park, which door to use, how to approach pets, plans for siblings etc.

Postpartum Visits

We strongly recommend that you stay home to rest and recover for a full two weeks following birth, whenever possible. We will visit you and your baby in your home the first week following birth. If you transferred to the hospital during labor, we will accompany you at the hospital and continue monitoring your health and providing care at home on the usual schedule upon your discharge.

Newborn Care

Midwives in NYS are permitted by law, educated and trained to perform routine newborn care. Your baby will receive a full physical exam after birth. If your baby is healthy, s/he will be seen by the midwives in your home on days 1, 3 and 7. Extra visits will be provided if needed. Your baby will be screened for tongue tie and breastfeeding problems, congenital heart defects, jaundice, metabolic disorders and will receive routine weight gain checks and comprehensive assessments at each visit.

Most families choose to keep their babies under the midwives’ care for the first 4 weeks. If the midwives need to consult with your family practice provider or pediatrician, they will do so. If you take your baby to another provider during the first two weeks, s/he will no longer be under midwifery care. You will have ongoing full access to your baby’s health record through our shared electronic medical records and are welcome to print any forms, visits and lab reports for your infant’s health care provider as you see fit.