Pregnancy & Birth Psychosocial Support

Babies come into our lives and turn everything upside down in ways we never could have anticipated. Even under the best and happiest of circumstances, pregnancy is often stressful and demanding for women. Expectations abound at work, at home and among extended family members. Choosing a care provider and birth setting, coping with common discomforts, waiting for test results and adjusting to a shifting body image are only a few of the challenges many pregnant women face.

As the time for labor and birth approaches, some women find they are anxious about labor and receiving the support they need. These concerns are common and healthy but may interfere with relationships, work, sleep, healthy eating and prenatal bonding. After birth, women undergo many physical and emotional changes due to the shifting from pregnancy to lactation hormones. Understanding these changes and having a solid support system can alleviate concerns about postpartum depression and give women confidence as they venture into motherhood.

Because the childbearing experience presents so many concerns, supportive care integrated into your prenatal care can soften the pointy edges. Women who have a history of domestic violence or sexual abuse, eating disorders or clinical depression may benefit most from a few sessions with a professional therapist before and after giving birth. Referrals are given to collaborating therapists.